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Septic tank rules issued

Regulations vastly different from '08 draft

Damon Arthur

After more than three years of public review, numerous public hearings and at least two revisions, state officials have issued the final draft of new septic system rules.

The new regulations hardly resemble the policy rolled out in 2008, said Darrin Polhemus, deputy director of the California Water Resources Control Board.

"It's dramatically different from those," Polhemus said.

The 2008 version of the septic tank rules required homeowners to have their systems serviced every five years at a cost of $300 to $600. State officials also estimated at the time that the rules would have affected 40 percent of Shasta County's 78,000 homes.

But under the new version, state officials estimate only about 2 percent of all households statewide will be affected.

The aim of the septic system rules is the same as in 2008, though — to keep septic systems from polluting streams, lakes and other water bodies.

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