CCKA Releases Statewide Water Quality Violations Map on World Water Day

Interactive Map of Mandatory Minimum Penalties in CaliforniaOn March 22nd, people around the globe celebrated World Water Day, many through outreach and education events highlighting the importance of clean water.  CCKA recognized World Water Day through the release of its new, statewide, online interactive map tracking industry’s compliance with water quality laws.  Read the press release.  This tool maps all dischargers throughout the state issued mandatory minimum penalties (MMPs) since 2000.  The state levies MMPs for “serious” and “multiple chronic” water quality law violations. The map, sorted by Regional Water Board, allows users to click on specific facilities to learn more about their violation records. The map also highlights facilities that have not received MMPs in recent years. Violations related to sewage releases, industrial wastes, and contaminated groundwater most frequently caused the issuance of MMPs statewide.  The MMP Map complements CCKA’s enforcement efforts to improve the level, prioritization, and transparency of California’s water law enforcement activities.  Additional public enforcement reports are available on the State Water Board’s website.

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